Graphitii Review-BIGGEST BONUS

Graphitii Review

Best way for your ads to go viral in 2017 

Hi there and great to see you in this Graphitii review. Are you finding it hard to come up with the new idea for the next marketing campaign? Let me introduce you the next buzzword of 2017 that will be the new hot trend for visual advertising: CINEMAGRAPH.

Honestly, can you tell me what’s more attractive and engaging than a “living photo”?

That living photo is Cinemagraph. It is the video-photo hybrid which contains isolated moving elements on the background of a still photo, so it looks like a “living image.”

If in 2016 short-form videos were the hottest trend of social marketing, then in 2017 people would be raving about this “Cinemagraph” thing. It’s a new definition of viral content which has not even been in the dictionary yet, but that’s why it is going to explode the market. People are always hungry for the new factor of advertising, and believe me, Cinemagraph will be the most popular trend in this year.

It is a wise thought to take advantages of Cinemagraph right now when the market has not gone crazy for it yet. However, as I see, there is very few proper software and applications that are truly useful to make beautiful cinemagraphs.

That’s why today, I want to introduce a new Cinemagraph software called Graphitii. Coming from the creator Joey Xoto and his team, this software offers an ultimate solution to create stunning cinemagraphs on any devices and at any places.


Do you want to know this Graphitii software in FULL DETAILS? How great is it to make cinemagraphs compared to other applications on the market? Let’s find out together in my following Graphitii review. Make sure that you read this carefully since you should clearly understand this tool before making any purchase decision.

Graphitii Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Joey Xoto and his team
  • Launch Date: 14 March 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 AM EDT
  • Discount Price: $67
  • Niche: Graphic software
  • Official website: Click here
  • Bonus: Yes, click here to see FREE bonus
  • Customer Support: Fast response
  • Recommended: Highly recommended

After the above brief information about the software, let’s keep reading this Graphitii review to see them in details. However, if you already know this software and want a good price to get it, click the link right below to get to the official discount page of Joey Xoto.

graphitii review dowload

So here we go, let’s BREAK this software down to see all features of this Graphitii review.

First and foremost, what is this Graphitii?

Graphitii is the newest software with cutting-edge features to help you create impressive and magnetic cinemagraphs with just a few simple steps. As cinemagraphs are dazzling the world ofsocial marketing with its uniqueness, people would absolutely love Graphitii. Right from the main dashboard of Graphitii, you can upload videos and create splendid cinemagraphs from them. All steps are on the cloud-based system so you can do your work anywhere anytime.


As you must already know, traffic is one of the most vital factors to the success of all branding and advertising campaigns. With Graphitii, Joey gives you the exact tool and the exact type of content to create a lead magnet on all of biggest social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram….

As video marketing is the Ace of all marketing campaigns of famous big brands all over the world, small businesses are left with small chances to stand the field. But now, Graphitii is created to offer them a brand new solution which will level the field for all companies.

So what are features of Graphitii? How can it produce all those magnificent cinemagraphs? Is it easy to use? Let’s check the next part of this Graphitii review and see the true software breaking down.

Typical Features of Graphitii

1. Fast Cinemagraph Editing

Following some easy steps in a few minutes, you can produce attractive and stunning cinemagraphs on your own, no outsourcing is required. You don’t have to meet and technical skill standard to use that simple and friendly interface. The software also provides a very clear guide for you, so ANY LEVELS of users can create amazing cinemagraphs by their own hands.


2. From boring videos to stunning cinemagraphs

As short-form videos are fading away with its success in 2016, today people are talking more and more about cinemagraphs. All marketers and companies should catch up with this trendy sort of content right now if you want to take advantages of your opponents. When video marketing is getting boring and saturated, it’s a method of wisdom to turn them into attractive cinemagraphs.

graphitii review

3. 100% Cloud-based system

I have seen the real software with 100% cloud-based system, and that’s worth to be mentioned in my Graphitii review. You don’t have to carry out any offline installation. All you need to do to get started is logging into your account. The system is fully cloud-based meaning you can store all of your data online. That allows you to sync and use your resources on any devices at any time, even when you are at home with your PC.


4. Suitable for all skill levels

As this software is very simple to use with a user-friendly interface, it allows anyone to create dynamic cinemagraphs no matter how their technical skills are. Even a fresh newbie takes only 5 minutes to create a cinemagraph smoothly.


How does the software work?

I will briefly summarize the process that this software works in this part of my Graphitii review. So, you only need to follow the simple process below to make yourself a beautiful cinemagraph:

  • Step 1: Logging in to your account
  • Step 2: Uploading your video
  • Step 3: Crop your video
  • Step 4: Select your video thumbnail
  • Step 5: Select the area that you want it to stay moving (the rest will stay still)

After those 5 steps, you will have in front of your eyes the stunning cinemagraph ready to be delivered. You can share it to social networks to get it going viral or download it to add into your marketing campaigns as a competitive advantage.

To get a better understanding of the way this software works, you can watch the following promotional video from Joey and his friends:

Who should use Graphitii?

Now you should already get it pretty clear about Graphitii in this review: It’s a media software to create STUNNING and DYNAMIC cinemagraphs. This kind of media assets is suitable for anyone who has products and services and wants to promote them. You can also use Graphitii’s outputs to add value to your marketing campaigns or grab more traffic and convert more sales.

Business owners. Affiliates. Marketers. Everyone can get benefits from Graphitii.

Graphitii review: PROs and CONs

PROs: This software fulfills the need of CINEMA PRODUCTION – a very potential industry in this 2017. Its features are well worth the price. Its cloud-based system is FAST and LIGHT.

CONs: To be frank, I can POINT OUT any drawbacks of this software.


Compare Graphitii to other existing software

Graphitii is the rare cinemagraph software which provides the web-based platform. This type of platform allows users to carry out their work on any devices they want. The online library is in the cloud so you can use your stock ANYWHERE ANYTIME just with Internet access.

There are also some applications to help you with cinemagraph such as Flixel or Cliplets. However, they are working only in the mobile environment. These applications don’t let users sync and use data on other devices.

Graphitii, on the other hand, has stunning features including cloud-based system. This software beats all of above applications.

The price of Graphitii is only $47-67 for a lifetime purchase, while the applications cost up to$199/year (Flixel).


My Experience with Graphitii

I had my chance to be a tester for Graphitii closed-beta version, and I had to tell that it’s GREAT. The truth is for a Graphitii review; this software is SIMPLE enough for me to learn it in 2 minutes. I joined this test because I was hooked by the promotional video of Joey Xoto, after reading all the functions of this software.

I made my first cinemagraph just for posting it to Facebook to test how good the software is. WOW! The post got 4 times more likes and shares, with all of its comments asking about the app I used to make it. The second time, I posted a cinemagraph about cameras and lens to my Facebook sales page, and that post got 300% more interactions than older ones. The results with Graphitii is just AMAZING!

Graphitii Price and How to buy it?

In this Graphitii review, Joey Xoto is offering you the discount price of only $47 on the launch date of 14 March 2017. This is only for the first buyer since this launch is a dime sale, which means the price will gradually increase to $67. If you want to grab the hot trend of 2017 and force it to make you money, click the link right down here to go to the official website of Graphitii and enjoy your purchase!


This is the end of my Graphitii review. All of this informative review has provided you with the best information so you can make a wise purchasing decision. If you run into any troubles purchasing Graphitii, just leave me a quote right down here so I can answer you when I’m available. Thank you for reading!


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